Tier One Kit - About us

At Tier One Kit we care about one and one thing only, enhancing our life experience in every way possible.

We’ve been obsessed with all things kit since 2007, and hope to bring our first hand experience and selection of world-class equipment to aid in your every adventure.

T1K Gear Closet
World's first new/pre-owned marketplace in the Outdoors & Adventure categories.

Selling privately has always been anxiety generating, and oftentimes a hassle more than a benefit. Creating a listing, posting, answering questions, processing payments, packaging, shipping, praying the package gets there, praying harder that the buyer doesn’t scam you, paying 10%+ in fees and $15+ in shipping, created a level of pre-cognitive exhaustion that was worth no amount.

But pain is the mother of all inventions, and we tinkered hard to come up with a plan that would enable customers to use their old gear as currency, whether as a form of payment or a liquid, cashable asset.

To this day, our program has received a resounding YES! from customers and friends alike. With your support, we hope to grow our selection and help you find that grail you've been hunting for.

Last but not least, T1K was born to be FUN. Whether you're drooling over grails, want to burn a hole in your pocket or are looking for useful information, we hope to be with you on every mission, even the kids' playground.

Enjoy life, memento mori.


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