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About us

We at Tier One Kit have made our mission to be a major value add to our friends and gear community, by being a hub of information, expertise and curated gear for all kit lovers, from rare-pack collectors to Law Enforcement professionals.

We’ve been obsessed with all things kit since 2007, when the main objective was to get our hands on as much rare tactical gear as possible. This passion evolved over the years, and so did our collection.

14 years, 13 Countries, 300+ packs, 200+ blades and countless $$$ later, we hope to bring our experience with each piece of gear as a point of reference and a tool in your “perfect setup” search.

Besides the need for experience and a fresh perspective, we also noticed the eternal “need-the-newest-anything” cycle, leaving lots of old, unused gear behind.

Selling privately has always been anxiety generating, and oftentimes a hassle more than a benefit. Creating a listing, posting, answering questions, processing payments, packaging, shipping, praying the package gets there, praying harder that the buyer doesn’t scam you, paying 10%+ in fees and $15+ in shipping, created a level of pre-cognitive exhaustion that was worth no amount.

But necessity is the mother of all inventions, and we tinkered hard to come up with a plan that would enable customers to use their old gear as currency, whether as a form of payment or a liquid, cashable asset.

To this day, customers across the board (many are now friends) agree that we are on the right track, providing an option that does not exist anywhere else in the market. Add to this our years of hands-on expertise, selection of new and pre-owned gear, blog posts and free content; and you have a gear haven to escape to when bored, needing info, or just wanting to burn a hole in your pocket.

Know one thing: We are here for you. For any of it.

Thank you for being part of something as great as our community!

Truly yours,


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