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Medium-Clearance Eyeshield Nosepiece

Medium-Clearance Eyeshield Nosepiece

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Compatible with ESS Crossbow, Crossbow Suppressor, Crosshair, ICE and ICE NARO eyeshields Increased airflow for fog resistance NOT designed to hold an Rx Carrier

The ESS Medium-Clearance Eyeshield Nosepiece comes standard with the Crosshair eyeshield. It is also compatible with ESS Crossbow, Crossbow Suppressor, ICE and ICE NARO eyeshields. This replacement nosepiece provides 3mm of additional stand-off than the Low-Pro Eyeshield Nosepiece. This extra clearance improves the fit of eyeshields for some users whose eyelashes or cheeks touch the lens when using the Low-Pro Nosepiece, and also increases airflow for enhanced fog resistance.

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