Propolymer 3C Flashlight

Propolymer 3C Flashlight

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Polycarbonate lens with scratch resistant coating Impact and chemical resistant engineering polymer resin Push-button tail switch

Streamlight 3C alkaline powered, high-performance, 10,000 hour, Super High Flux Luxeon LED flashlightprovides a longer reaching, brighter beam that's 10 times brighter than a high intensity LED flashlight. Stream-light Pro polymer 3C Luxeon Division-1 Flashlight is a durable, impact resistant and non-conductive Streamlight flashlight. This light features a body constructed of a Polymer Engineering resin that is virtually indestructible, shock resistant, non-conductive and light weight. The Streamlight Propolymer 3 C light case is O ring sealed and water proof.

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