RSR Switches

RSR Switches

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The RSR-07 and RSR-SR07 feature over-molded switches for ideal long-term durability and water resistance These switches provide easy, intuitive activation of XVL2 and XVl2-IRC WeaponLights without requiring a unique support-hand grip Every RSR-07 and RSR-SR07 includes a 7-inch cable for optimal positioning to suit the user's needs

SureFire continues its legacy of providing the best remote switching options for its line of combat-proven WeaponLights with the introduction of the RSR-07 and RSR-SR07 remote switches. Designed for a seamless interface with our new SureFire XVL2 and XVL2-IRC WeaponLights, these switches provide easy, instant activation of lights or laser without requiring the user to alter the support-hand grip on the rifle.

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