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Slick Handcuff TACO U-Mount

Slick Handcuff TACO U-Mount

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100% aircraft-grade Kydex body gives a smooth finish for easy insertion and draw (.080 thickness) Fits both chained and hinged cuffs, including ASPs Kydex will hold up to the weight of handcuffs without bending, sagging or deforming Kydex does not hold water and won€™t add weight from rain, humidity or sweat

The Kydex Handcuff TACO is designed to retain handcuffs on a belt or bag using the unique properties of Kydex. Comp-Tac uses aircraft-grade Kydex, which has a smooth inside finish, is resistant to sweat and solvents, and provides a material that won€™t damage the handcuffs, or the belt or bag it's attached to. Combining Comp-Tac's Kydex manufacturing capabilities with HSGI's versatile TACO design provides users the best of both worlds in manufacturing and use.

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