Speedloader Loading Block

Speedloader Loading Block

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The Shooters Loading Block provides a convenient way to carry up to 14 Safariland speedloaders at once, without the hassle of dropping or mishandling them. This injection molded piece measures 30 in. long by 3.25 in. wide and .5 in. deep. The speedloaders sit firmly in each of the molded cavities. The convenient trays hold wadcutter, semi-wadcutter, or round nosed .38 or .357 ammunition. The J-LP accommodates loads for .38/.357 S&W L frame, Colt Python O.M.M., Old Model Troopers and O.P. The J-KTR accommodates speedloaders for .38/.357 Colt Trooper, Python, Mark III & V and S&W K frame models

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