Tactical Light Case (TLC)

Tactical Light Case (TLC)

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Light Model

Carries and protects flashlights Provides hands-free illumination Rotates 360 degrees Sizes available to fit most popular ASP flashlights

The ultimate accessory for any ASP XT, Triad, Poly, Tungsten, T1, Sentinel, Pro or Garda flashlights. The Tactical Light Case (TLC) is no ordinary belt case - it's a ''protection, portation and presentation'' solution, designed for our demanding law enforcement users. It not only carries the flashlight, but turns it into a hands-free illumination tool: simply turn the flashlight on, slide it lens-down into the TLC, then rotate the case into any of 12 positive click-stop positions. Illuminate what's in front of you, above you, or below you, or shine the light behind you so you can be seen. All while leaving both hands free to work, retrieve, climb or hold. The street-tough case snaps securely over any belt, and is adjustable for a custom fit on belts from 1'' to 2.5'' wide as well as MOLLE gear.

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