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Transport Plus, Chain

Transport Plus, Chain

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Complete wrist and ankle restraint system Apply/remove chain without removing cuffs Includes cuffs, chain, locks, keys & case

The exclusive, efficient design of the original Transport Kit allows the handcuffs to remain safely in place while the transport system is applied, adjusted or removed to prepare a subject for transport, booking or court. The Transport Plus kit adds another level of security and control, with the incorporation of leg shackles. The restraint chain features a tongue that slides through a purpose-specific channel in the Rigid Ultra Cuff wrist restraints. The chain is wrapped around the subject's waist and secured with one of the high-security, proprietary locks—which fasten instantly, without the key inserted—an important safety feature. The key, which engages a cylinder lock with 2,187 possible unique keyway configurations, is only used to remove the system. The chain is then secured to the leg shackles using the second lock. The Transport Kit is fast and easy to apply. This complete kit includes the revolutionary Rigid Ultra Cuff wrist restraints, an extended handcuff key, a set of ankle Ultra Cuffs, extra-long chain, two auto-engaging restraint system locks, four cylinder keys, and a custom-designed EVA-molded carrying case.

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