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Universal Acoustic Coupler

Universal Acoustic Coupler

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Groundbreaking polymer filter allows radio communication and ambient noise recognition Connects to a wide variety of commercially available two-way radio headsets Two-position cap can be closed for maximum hearing protection

Let's be clear: Not having access to clear radio communication in noisy and potentially high-stress work environments can be disastrous. You need high-quality earplugs and a way to connect them to your coms. The Universal Acoustic Coupler (UAC) is a high-strength polymer filter that allows for two-way radio communication while using SureFire earpieces. The UAC is designed to be fitted to either left or right SureFire earpieces without compromising the direction of the filter or the radio acoustic tubing. The UAC has a two-position cap that provides maximum hearing protection when closed and situational awareness when open.

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